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Main Goals

Successfully managing the financial aspects of your clinical projects.

  • Reduce costs and startup time-lines by 20%

  • Understand how clinical trial costs affect profit and loss of your company

  • Control your projects with key financial ratios

  • Identify key cost drivers and intelligent cost savings

  • Master difficult negotiations with modern negotiation techniques

  • Resolve conflicts by utilising modern conflict resolution methods

E-Learning, Live Coaching & Tools

This e-Seminar includes

  • more than 12 hours of e-learning videos (value: 2.245 €)
  • PLUS: 2 hours live online coaching (value: 520 €)
  • PLUS: check lists, spread sheets & tools
  • PLUS: tips and case studies.

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E-Learning, Live Coaching & Tools

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30 days money back guarantee

Various Training Opportunities

This e-Seminar includes many different e-Learning opportunities, like in a face2face conference

  • Training Videos

    More than 12 hours of training videos explaining all aspects you need to successfully perform your outsourcing process. Measure your progress with tailored quiz & survey sessions. Deepen your learning experience with online test and achieve an excellent completion certificate.

  • Tests and Case Studies

    Private live video chat and face-2-face coaching: only you and the trainer. Discuss questions, seek advice in your current projects or gather the trainer's personal experience and knowledge on top of the training content.

  • Cheat Sheets & Tools

    You will receive all the tools the trainer uses in his day-to-day business. This enables you to utilize your new exert knowledge with the respective expert tools. Jump start your process with the appropriate tools and software.

Course Objectives

Tailored for Project Managers & Outsourcing Managers

Project teams on sponsor and CRO side need well-founded knowledge and skills in negotiation and conflict resolution as well as finance knowledge in order to finalize projects in time with limited budgets. In this practical training course the attendees will examine every aspect of the project financials, the negotiation process, the key cost drivers and risk management opportunities in clinical trials.
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Course Objectives

Finance and how it affects the role of clinical R&D-decisions

Chapter 1

  • The correlation between R&D Costs, Revenue and P&L in pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Accounting statements and the key financial ratios for clinical project teams

Chapter 2

  • Understand Cashflow, Balance and P&L sheets

  • Assess the financial health of CROs and strategic partners

  • Understand internal cost structures of CROs and competitors

  • Compare R&D efficiency with your competitors

  • Identify outsourcing risks and make selection decisions based on financial ratios

Non-Dilutive Financing Alternatives for Biotech Companies

Chapter 3

  • Understand Dilutive and Non-Dilutive Financing Opportunities

  • Financing Opportunities by Outsourcing

The RFP-Process

Chapter 4

  • Setup an RFP Process

  • Safe Money with structured Proposal Analysis Tools

  • Initiate your projects 20% faster

  • Develop an outsourcing strategy

  • Evaluate CRO Experience and Capacities

Comparison and Analysis of CRO Cost Proposals

Chapter 5

  • Live/Recorded Session about a full budget analysis & comparison

  • Watch how to identify hidden costs

  • Identify Cost reduction opportunities

  • How to compare budget proposals efficiently and gain full cost transparency

Payment Schedules based on Deliverables

Chapter 6

  • Advantages and disadvantages of regular payment schedules

  • T&M, fixed price, unit payments, milestone payments

  • Dovetail project progress and quality in payment schedules

Successful CRO Contracts

Chapter 7

  • LOIs & Startup Agreements

  • Easy CDAs without pitfalls

  • MSAs - Core Terms and Balanced Solutions

  • Work Orders - The Legal Core of CRO contracts

How to be a Better Negotiator – The Win-Win Negotiator

Chapter 8

  • Fundamental issues in deadlocked negotiations

  • Devise negotiation options without bargaining

  • Harvard negotiation skills

  • How to deal with Dirty tricks

Conflict resolution

Chapter 9

  • Identifying underlying reasons of conflicts

  • Stages of conflict escalation

  • Strategies where conflicts are not resolvable

Handling Change Orders in Successful Teams

Chapter 10

  • Identify and fend off unjustified change orders

  • Fair negotiation of justified change orders

Key Cost Drivers in Clinical Trials and Areas for Reasonable Savings

Chapter 11

  • Develop complete project budgets

  • Identify and analyse the major cost drivers

  • Devise and implement cost reduction strategies

Implementing Earned Value Analysis (EVA) in Clinical Trials

Chapter 12

  • Understand Earned Value to measure Project Progress

  • Implement Earned Value Analysis in Clinical Trials

  • Dovetail Budget, Timelines & Quality in Clinical Trials

Project risk analysis and management (PRAM)

Chapter 13

  • PRAM, a systematic approach to finish projects on time and with limited budgets

  • Risk management planning: risk identification, analysis and monitoring

  • How to respond to risks and realize chances in difficult situations

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Feedback by previous participants

We continuously evaluate our customer’s satisfaction. Attendees of this course evaluate the content and the trainer of this course as EXCELLENT
(9 points on a ten-point-scale)

  • Very thorough course and informative.

  • Delivered with personality that kept everyone involved. He knew our roles/responsibilities.

  • Related relevant personnel experiences and how tools in the course were applied.

  • Presenter had good knowledge and examples for dealing with situations. The workshops were very engaging.

  • Clear presenter, slides clear and understandable.

  • Leif Kuse


    Leif Kuse is Managing Director of CILIQUE and provides consulting services in the field of clinical outsourcing, vendor management, budgeting & project controlling for biotech companies, CROs and the pharmaceutical industry. Leif’s previous position was as the Head of Purchasing at Fresenius Biotech, a subsidiary of the Fresenius health care group in Germany. In this position he was responsible for the outsourcing of clinical trial services. Prior to that Leif was in charge of project controlling and budgeting of clinical trials at. He has also previously held project management positions at different venture capital funds after finishing his academic studies in business administration and law.

    Leif Kuse

    CEO - CILIQUE UG - Clinical Outsourcing Expert

Who should attend?

Directors, Vice-Presidents Project Managers and Clinical Trial Staff of the following Departments

• Clinical Operations

• Clinical Development

• Clinical Outsourcing

• Contracts

• Business Development

• Proposal Writing

• Project Management

• Finance / Project Controlling

• Medical Affairs

• Procurement / Purchasing

• Strategic Sourcing

• Program/Portfolio Management


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  • When will the e-seminar start?

    This unique e-learning opportunity will start April 20th, 2018

  • Can I enroll at any time?

    Yes, you can enroll any time. However only 10 seats are available for this first launch. So make sure you enroll early so that you do not miss this opportunity. A next session will be opened in fall.

  • How does this e-Seminar work in detail?

    After launch on April 20th you will get access to the first training session. It consists of training videos, quizzes and tools. At the end of each training sessions you can book live face-2-face question and answer sessions with the trainer. After that every 2 weeks another session will be available for you for training. The seminar will be completed and closed in November.